In the true Burgundian sense vignerons marry grapevines to the soil. They work in communion with nature to raise enfants in the spirituality infused ecosystem of terroir, hoping to produce wildly diverse complex wines, true to their essence. Our goal at Alquimista is to craft wines that distinguish themselves by their brilliance, their balance, their velvety texture, and their aromas that convey their origins.

We follow the path of those farmers, scientists, philosophers, and shamans who preceded and informed us, as they strived to bottle the divine and share the sacred. We are their inheritors. We strive to uphold the palpable energy transferred from the elements to the vine to the cellar to the glass. And every harvest, if the elements act as catalysts, the vigneron regains his or her soul, just as we seek to release the soul of the vine.

Collaboration is key. Our holistic approach depends on the synergy between our longtime growers and the vines they guide and protect. We are stewards just as we are beneficiaries of these relationships. We work in concert with our growers throughout the year with mutual humility, devotion and trust, entering into dialogue with the vines, listening to them and watching over their growth. We shepherd our wines through the vineyards. “Beyond any awards and recognition for excellence, I am most proud of my relationships with our growers, through thick and thin over the years,” Greg says. In the cellar we at Alquimista Cellars strive to honor the alchemical transmutations that turn our grapes into exhilarating wines, while reprising the land they come from. We don’t filter or fine. We risk relying on native yeasts carried from the vineyards on the grape skins to help express the particular personality of our sources.

Sometimes the results can be wildly unpredictable. We like that. Nearly always it means we will fashion rich, exciting wines, but only if we pay strict attention; listening, smelling, tasting, measuring, detecting, nurturing, as our instincts and experience tell us. Because Alquimista Cellars produces such a limited amount we are able to focus our undivided attention on being the best guardians for our wines while pulling out all the stops as we mix art and science to astonish and reward your palate.


Learn more about our select vineyards in Sonoma, Mendocino, and San Joaquin counties.
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