Patrick field sorting pinot grapes
Patrick field sorting pinot grapes
We love saying our name. We love how sonorous it feels in our mouths, tantalizing us with every syllable, wheeling about like a darting bird before breaking out in a piquant, textured crescendo. Say it. Slowly roll its phonetics in your own mouth. Al-qui-mis-ta. Taste our name. Our name echoes the finely crafted, palette-provoking wines we present to you.

Coincidentally, Alquimista is the Spanish word for Alchemist, altogether fitting since alchemy, the forerunner of chemistry, with its ancestry in Egypt, Greece and the Moorish world, was introduced to the West first in Spain in the 8th Century.

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We adopted our name not only for its heritage of fusing science, art, spirituality, mythology, the elements, and enlightenment but as also as an inspiration to put into practice the essence of science and spirituality in our boundary-breaking, sometimes fanciful winemaking. We invite you to engage with us and in the language of our wine, the language of time and place, of vine physiology, yeast biology, fermentation, chemistry and careful, loving attention.

Banner photo by Malia van der Kamp