Haiku Vineyard, Sanel Valley, Mendocino County Chardonnay

Russian River pastoral

Russian River pastoral – (photo Tyler Rodrigue}

Tucked into a bend of the Russian River beneath the Mayacamas Mountains in the Sanel Valley of Mendocino County lie 141 acres of prime Chardonnay plants hosted by Haiku Vineyards. The cobbled and stony soil is the result of centuries of floods. Every block has been organically farmed since they were planted more than 25 years ago. Working with the venerable wine-growing Fetzer family since 2005, Greg has encouraged Haiku’s practices of integrated farming using canopy management, water management, organic compost and natural habitats that encourage raptors for rodent control and songbirds for insect control. Cover crops that attract beneficial insects are utilized instead of pesticides. Cover crops also prevent erosion, retain moisture, and add organic matter to the soil. Weeds are mowed rather than killed by herbicides. The resulting fruit expresses terroir rather than altering it.

Sunrise over the Mayacamas

Sunrise over the Mayacamas – (photo Tyler Rodrigue)

Haiku chardonnay manifests this practice in its purity and cleanliness, allowing itself to reveal indelibly layered, curling aromas and flavors that arrive individually, merge and then leave accented calling cards on the palate.

Clones are UC Davis 4

AVA: Mendocino County

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