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Please enjoy these notes from our circle of Alquimista friends

Unbelievable Wines

Patrick - I wanted to write you and give you my sincere thanks for allowing my wife and myself to taste your unbelievable wines. As I reflect back on all the things we did and saw, meeting with you and Greg was my highlight. I still can't believe you were able to make time for us with our unannounced visit; almost everyone would have gone home to rest after the eventful weekend you just had.

Your wines and your generosity are unmatched. I can't wait to taste the wines; the 2016 Mes Filles Chardonnay, and comparing the 2013 Confluence to the 2016. I look forward to drinking your wines and hopefully also being able to catch up with you somewhere if you are traveling with your wines. Once again....Much Thanks

Rick Pavinato

Thank you very much for showing us how all the magic happens on Friday. Bethany and I both really enjoyed your story, your wine and your passion and approach with respect to winemaking. We look forward to paying you another visit soon!

Thayer Mullins
San Francisco
The Best Tasting Experience I’ve Ever Had

This was absolutely the best wine tasting experience that I’ve ever had. The passion that you both have, the knowledge that you shared and laughs that we had, can’t be replicated. I absolutely would love to come back with other friends and have already talked with them about planning a visit.

Hope you both had a great new year’s celebration and thanks again for making our visit happen at the last minute and making it so enjoyable.

Kate Carson
San Francisco
An Honor and Privilege

It was truly an honor and privilege to meet you both the other day. As I said to you Patrick, we have attended 25+ various wine tastings and vineyard tours and not one had compared to the tasting/tour you guys shared with us. All 8 of us were blown away by your hospitality and passion for your craft. We thank you deeply to take time out of your day during harvest season to share your love of the vine. The wines were fabulous and we look forward to the first of many arrivals. If we had another day in town I swear we would have joined you in the trimming/picking for the experience. We look forward to hearing great news from Alquimista and we will take you up on the welcome sign with future trips!

Again, thank you both for an incredible experience.

M. Greg Komara
Mount Airy, Maryland
Oh so memorable….

Unlike any other tasting experience I’ve ever had! The combination of Patrick’s and Greg’s warmth, wit, stories and generous fine wines offered up a “Confluence” of delight. Oh so memorable…

Bill Merget
Barrel Wine On Path to Fabulous Vintage

Thank you, Patrick. We had a great time and I really did enjoy the tasting. I can’t think of a time when barrel tasted wine has been so clearly on the path to be a fabulous vintage.

Kim Goff
Our Favorite Tour and Tasting!

We absolutely loved our time with you and Greg and learned so much. It was our favorite out of many diverse tours and tastings!

Claudia Lipusch

I have no idea how you make that chardonnay, but it’s the best Calif rendition of white burgundy I’ve ever tasted. Kudos.

Steven Weintraub
Santa Barbara
Science and Romance

It was great to hear you talk about combining the science and romance. Thank you again and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

San Francisco
I Liked Confluence!

I liked Confluence and the savory side of Pinot it featured. Cellar Dreams was fun and interesting! I can’t say I had tasted a Pinot – Zin blend before this wine. I love the zingy red berry – cherry fruit focus. The texture and weight was very appealing and intriguing especially the way it dances with the fruit character. It will be fun see how the wine evolves.

Thanks again for sharing the bottles with me, cheers!

Glen Grisham
Los Angeles
Filled Our Hearts

For the rest of the day nothing else tasted so fine and nothing filled our hearts more. Thank you for another extraordinary experience.

Thomas Knecht and family
Evergreen, Colorado
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