Jessie’s Grove, Lodi Ancient Field Blend

Greg Burns, owner and winemaker of Jessie’s Grove

Greg Burns, owner and winemaker of Jessie's Gove

The proper entrance is with head bowed and on bended knee. The 5-acre Royal Tee vineyard at Jessie’s Grove near the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta town of Lodi has endured for 128 years. Originally planted in the midst of 320 loamy, oak-studded acres by pioneer Joseph Spenker and named for his daughter Jessie, the property is now farmed by Greg Burns, Spenker’s great great grandson. Here, tradition holds; deep roots are venerated. The gnarly vines, resembling stunted oaks, are comprised of 86 percent head-trained Zinfandel, with a field blend of Black Prince, a close cousin of Cinsault and of Moroccan decent, Flame Tokay, once a popular table grape, and Mission grapes brought to California by Franciscan friars in the 1700s. The last jewels in the treasure chest are ancient Carignane vines. Each contributes a distinct element for the alchemy we strive for.

This is our first project supporting Lodi growers and we are honored that Greg Burns has entrusted us to work with arguably the most cherished vineyard of a region already renown for its ancient vines.

Ancient Field Blend

AVA: Lodi, San Joaquin County

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